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Sole to Soul

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on an ancient healing art that aims to treat the body, mind and spirit. This therapy supports and maintains good health in a natural and preventative way. It may help in the reduction of pain and discomfort.


Using a specific pressure technique that works on precise reflex points on the hands or feet, it helps to clear away unwanted blocked energy throughout the body.

£35 | 45 minute treatment

Why not add a 30-minute Back Massage for instant muscle relief and additional balancing.


£60 | 75 minute treatment

Benefits Of Reflexology


Reduces headaches, improves insomnia, improves poor circulation, reduces back pain, alleviates sinus trouble, improves digestive issues, encourages muscle relaxation, detoxifies and cleanses the body, alleviates stress-related illnesses or pain, aids in hormonal balance, improves fertility

Best Treatment For


Individuals with stiff joints, poor immune function or poor circulation, elderly people, babies, children, individuals with fertility issues / undergoing IVF, anxiety, antenatal, pregnancy, post-natal, balancing hormones, new mothers

Add-on treatments are available to any Complementary Health Treatment. Please browse our treatment menu for the full selection, or request more information during your free consultation or next visit.



I have had reflexology sessions with Kerry over the last two years. Initially, it was to help with my phlebitis problems, which proved successful. But, it then became an hour of relaxation resulting in me returning home and going to sleep for an hour or so! 


Kerry offers Emmett treatments too which have been extremely helpful in treating my left knee, which is virtually pain-free now.


She is very professional, very knowledgeable and a very smiley lady who I look forward to seeing on a regular basis.


Recently my son had a neck, shoulder and back massage for the first time. His verdict: “a really great massage and a very nice lady.”


– Yvonne Baker

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reflexology? What does it treat?

Reflexology aims to alleviate the congestion of blocked energy in the body – this can build up through time by prolonged stress, medication, diet, lifestyle or other health issues. By applying pressure on specific reflex points on the hands or feet, a Reflexologist can feel the areas that need attention. Through alleviating any negative energy in the body (which leads to bodily inefficiencies, pain and illness), Reflexology can encourage internal organs and their systems back to their optimum state (homeostasis). This increases blood supply, which brings additional oxygen and nutrients to cells and enhances waste removal. It also improves the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and immune systems in the body.

What happens during a Reflexology treatment?

A full consultation will be taken before each treatment. During a Reflexology treatment, your Reflexologist will apply a specific pressure technique on precise reflex points on the hands or feet. At Fourward Health, we have a large, comfortable chair for you to relax in during your Reflexology appointment along with cushions and a blanket to complete your healing experience. On completion of the treatment, we also provide a light foot and leg Massage to end the session.

Does Reflexology hurt?

By applying pressure on specific reflex points, you may experience some discomfort, although this will be a positive reaction as negative energy is dispersing in the body. At any time, you can ask your Fourward Health Reflexologist to use a lighter pressure.

What should I wear?

As Reflexology uses specific reflex points in your hands or feet to treat your body, your Fourward Health Reflexologist may ask you to remove your footwear.

What products do you use?

Fourward Health partners exclusively with local businesses in the Devon region to ensure a truly luxurious, aromatic experience. To learn more about our local partners, please visit our About page here. Aftercare advice will be given at the end of your treatment.