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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on an accent healing art that aims to treat the body, mind & spirit. It may also help in the reduction of pain and discomfort. This therapy also supports and maintains good health in a natural and preventative way. Using a specific pressure technique that works on precise reflex points on the hands or feet. Helping to clear away unwanted blocked energy throughout the body.


Who’s it for:

Reflexology is a gentle but powerful therapy and can help people of any age or sex. The elderly may find stiff joints and circulatory problems much improved. Babies and young children are very receptive as they are naturally the most relaxed.   



Reflexology can help to create an optimum environment in the body ready for conception.

As a therapy it helps ease stress and tension and can help reduce any anxiety or fear associated with fertility issues.



This is one of the most relaxing therapies you can choose to have during pregnancy.

It is perfectly safe and improves your wellbeing, helping the body to cope with sickness and discomfort caused by major hormonal changes.



New mothers can find this treatment to be highly beneficial, encouraging breast milk production, rebalancing hormones and boosting the immune system. 


A welcomed and ideal gift for Motherhood!


Key Benefits:


Reduces headaches, Insomnia, improves poor circulation, minimise back pain, sinus trouble, digestive problems, muscle relaxation, detoxify and cleanse, stress related illness, hormonal imbalance, fertility and much more...


Why You'll love it:


Reflexology offers a natural, drug-free treatment option for a variety of health issues. It can also aid to help recovery from injury & illness. A gentle but powerful therapy.

£35    45 minute treatment    

Add a back massage for instance muscle relief and additional balancing treatment

£55    75 minute treatment

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