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Since 2005, Fourward Health has been proudly delivering holistic healing to the Horrabridge, Yelverton and Tavistock communities, with a focus on promoting better health through Massage therapy and Reflexology.


With over 12 years’ experience in tried and trusted therapies, Fourward Health Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, Kerry Ward, has been committed to tailoring her treatments to provide the best possible outcomes for her clients.


Each treatment and package is tailored for you, based on your individual needs, lifestyle and overall wellness. Throughout the treatment, you can expect to experience total relaxation and leave with better circulation and improved health.

Located in Horrabridge, at the heart of Dartmoor National Park, Fourward Health offers a safe and secure sanctuary to give you a space of calm and tranquillity away from the outside world.


Please give us a call on 01822 855331 to book your free consultation today!

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Meet Kerry Ward, MAR ITEC

Founder of Fourward Health

Massage Therapist, Reflexology and EMMETT Therapist


Prior to starting Fourward Health in 2005, I wanted a career that I could be proud of and that would make someone’s life a little bit better in some small way. I have always felt that I wanted to give more; do more; make a difference.


Once I received my accreditation, it allowed me to follow my life’s purpose to help people every day through Massage Therapy and Reflexology.

How I work


Many people first turn to Massage Therapy and Reflexology as a last resort after suffering for years with common injuries, such as back pain, neck pain, chronic headaches, hip pain, knee pain, knee swelling, foot pain, foot swelling, stress, anxiety and depression.


Whilst Western medicine offers some means to alleviate this pain, they are often short-term solutions that only temporarily mask these problems rather than to seek out the true cause of the issues and naturally fix them.


As part of Fourward Health’s holistic Complementary Health treatments, I work both preventatively and alongside health authorities to ensure a truly bespoke Reflexology and Massage Therapy experience for each client.


Both powerful treatments in their own right, they each work to reduce the effects of stress and tension and induce deep relaxation to help the body reach its own homeostasis.


Local Partners

As part of our commitment to our clients’ health, healing and wellbeing, all of our products are locally-sourced and natural to enhance your relaxation and tranquility. Meet our local partners below:

Frequently Asked Questions (

How are the divisions determined?

Divisions are determined by the Tournament Director after all rosters are complete. Player information such as age, experience, and skill level is used to determine the overall strength of a team. Teams are then placed in divisions with other teams of similar strength. We do not classify teams by letter (A, B, C, etc.) as many times, teams have a mix of players on their roster. Therefore, our divisions are labeled Black, Red, White, Gray and Silver, with Black being the highest and so forth. These designations are relative to the teams competing in each individual tournament.

What is your refund policy?

Should you not be able to play, you are allowed to request a refund before the close of the tournament registration and within 60-days of your own registration date. Should you request a refund after 60 days and before registration closes, you will be subject to a $5 processing fee. Should you choose to drop out of the tournament after registration closes but before the start of the tournament, no refunds will be given and you can choose to instead, donate the amount of my registration fee or receive it as a site credit for a future tournament. To request a refund or credit, please contact us. EXCEPTIONS:

  • Teams must have a minimum of 10 paid players and 1 paid goaltender prior to the registration deadline to qualify. Teams that do not reach this minimum prior to the registration deadline will be removed from the tournament with a full refund. If a player is still interested in playing in the tournament, we will try to connect them with an existing team of equal ability that is short players.
  • In the rare instance we do not have enough teams to fill your teams's division, teams registered in that division will have the opportunity to move into another division at a higher level (if one exists and there is room) or receive a full refund.

When will the schedule be posted?

The schedule will be posted on our website approximately two weeks prior to the start of the tournament. You can also access the schedule by logging in to your player account.

I want to play but don't have a team/I don't have enough players

Not to worry! When registering, you can sign-up as a free agent and we'll coordinate with other teams to find you a spot. If we're unable to find you a spot, we'll let you know and process a full refund. If you're a team looking for players, you'll still want to register the team that you have put together, however, you'll want to shoot us an email at support@hockeyfightsms.org to let us know and we'll do our best to locate free agents for you or possibly merge your team with another that is also looking for players.

Can a woman play on a men's team?

Absolutely! Any number of women are allowed to play on a men's team. Keep in mind that those that register in the co-ed division are required to have a minimum of three female players on their roster (excluding goaltender). At least one female (excluding goaltender) must be on the ice at all times. Failure to comply will result in a goal being awarded to the opposite team.

Can I make schedule requests or change my team's schedule?

While we do our best to accommodate scheduling requests, we cannot guarantee any specific request. Scheduling preference will be given to the teams highest in fundraising efforts. Once released, all schedules are final.

What is the price to enter a team?

Hockey Fights MS does not offer a team fee option at this point. Our registration system is set up to make things easy for the team captains by allowing each individual player to register and pay online. That means captains no longer have to chase after players for money or shell out the entire fee themselves way in advance. The fee per player is advertised on our website and includes a 4 game guarantee, a donation to the designated beneficiary, etc.

Can I substitute a player?

If you cannot play the entirety of the weekend and want another player to fill in for the remainder of games, they must also register on your team and pay the full registration price, prior to the player registration deadline. We do NOT allow multiple players to share a single registration fee. You must be fully registered to play regardless of how many games you plan on playing.

Do you allow registration after the registration is deadline?

We do not allow registration after the registration deadline. Rarely, an exception is made. If an exception is made, then the player in question will be subject to an additional $10 late registration fee.


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