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Facial Reflexology

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What is Facial Reflexology?

Facial Reflexology focuses on reflex points on the face that correspond to different parts of the body. This helps to stimulate the body’s healing process allowing you to feel rejuvenated while enjoying total calm and relaxation.


Facial Reflexology has some unique therapeutic benefits which aim to help your entire body function at its optimal level. 

£35 | 45 minute treatment

Why not add Reflexology for additional balancing?


£60 | 75 minute treatment

Benefits Of Facial Reflexology


Stress relief, improves circulation in face, head, and body, improves lymphatic drainage,

relieves mental strain, improves concentration, rejuvenates skin, glowing and radiant skin,

brings a feeling of calm and relaxation

Best Treatment For


Individuals with anxiety and stress, muscle tension, sinusitis, congestion, headaches, migraines, insomnia, rebalancing the body's internal organs

Add-on treatments are available to any Complementary Health Treatment. Please browse our treatment menu for the full selection, or request more information during your free consultation or next visit.


Facial Reflexology

I have been seeing Kerry regularly for back massage and foot reflexology for a couple of years. She is a very professional therapist.

I recently received a facial reflexology treatment with her, and the benefits were immediate. The treatment is gentle and relaxing, and I left feeling calm and much less stressed. I have already made another appointment for the same treatment and am looking forward to it.


– Hilary Vaux

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facial Reflexology? What does it treat?

Facial Reflexology is a branch of Reflexology that aims to alleviate the congestion of blocked energy in the body. This can build up through time by prolonged stress, medication, diet, lifestyle or other health issues. By applying pressure on specific reflex points on the hands or feet, a Reflexologist can feel the areas that need attention. This increases blood supply, which brings additional oxygen and nutrients to cells and enhances waste removal. It also improves the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and immune systems in the body.

What happens during a Facial Reflexology treatment?

A full consultation will be taken before each treatment. During a Facial Reflexology treatment, your Reflexologist will apply a specific pressure technique on precise reflex points on the face to improve lymphatic drainage and rejuvenate the skin.

Does Facial Reflexology hurt?

No, it does not hurt. Facial Reflexology is a gentle treatment that does not include any discomfort.

Can I wear make-up?

As Facial Reflexology uses specific reflex points in your face, your Fourward Health reflexologist will remove your make-up to ensure the best results.