Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Delight the Senses


What is Hot & Cold Stone Massage?


Basalt is the common type of rock used in Hot Stone Massage. It is the elements within the rock that give the stones their ability to acquire, hold and distribute a constant and soothing heat for long periods of time. Marble is predominately the chosen medium for the cold stones. Eastern & Western massage techniques are blended into a method of treatment that is nothing less than spectacular. 


Who's it for?

Everybody! If you are looking for a treatment to help you to relax and unwind, then this is it. Pure bliss!

Key benefits:

Hot Stones, promotes deep relaxation, improves the blood circulation and energy flow, reduces stress and tension, increases flexibility in the joints, aiding mobility and movement, relaxes muscles.

Cold Stones, Decreases Swelling and Inflammation, helps with muscle spasm, relieves headaches, isolates pain, promotes healing for sprains and strains, decreases Oedema, increases muscle tone.

Why You'll Love It:


A wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic treatment. Enjoyable all year round but especially on a cold winter’s day.

£40    60 minute treatment 

"One of my favourite treatments, you just feel the stresses and strains melt away."

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