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Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Delight The Senses

What is a Hot & Cold Stone Massage?

Indulge in the weight and contrasting temperatures of this therapeutic Massage.


Hot basalt stone and cold marble releases and engages the muscles for deep levels of relaxation, rejuvenation and muscle relief.

£50 | 60 minute treatment

Benefits Of A Hot & Cold Stone Massage


Hot stones: Promotes deep relaxation, improves blood circulation and energy flow, reduces stress and tension, increases flexibility in the joints, aids in mobility and movement, relaxes muscles

Cold stones: Decreases swelling and inflammation, calms muscle spasms, relieves headaches, isolates pain, promotes healing for sprains and strains, decreases oedema, increases muscle tone

Best Treatment For


Individuals dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), tired and aching muscles from exercise, circulatory problems

Add-on treatments are available to any Massage. Please browse our treatment menu for the full selection, or request more information during your free consultation or next visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does a Hot & Cold Stone Massage treat?

When the hot stones are applied, blood vessels dilate to allow for more blood to flow into the area. When the cold stones are applied thereafter, there is a momentary constriction of the blood vessels due to the large difference in temperature. This constriction pushes blood and lymph out of the area, which warms and cleanses muscle tissue and organs as the body is challenged to maintain homeostasis.

What happens during a Hot & Cold Stone Massage?

A full consultation will be taken before each treatment. The Hot & Cold Stone Massage therapy is a full-body treatment, where the stones are placed inside the therapist's hands who then glides the stones in a rhythmic sequence covering the area to be worked on. New stones are replaced as the temperature diminishes or as a different part of the body is to be treated.

What should I wear?

During a Hot and Cold Stone Massage, your Fourward Health Massage therapist will ask you to undress for your Massage whilst they wait outside. We ask you to keep your underwear on, remove all jewelry and to drape one of our white, fluffy towels over yourself to ensure your modesty and privacy. We may move the towel from time to time during the Massage as we move around the body, however, we will always respect your privacy.

What products do you use?

Fourward Health partners exclusively with local businesses in the Devon region to ensure a truly luxurious, aromatic experience. To learn more about our local partners, please visit our About page here. Aftercare advice will be given at the end of your treatment.