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Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Delight The Senses

What is a Hot & Cold Stone Massage?

Indulge in the weight and contrasting temperatures of this therapeutic Massage.


Hot basalt stone and cold marble releases and engages the muscles for deep levels of relaxation, rejuvenation and muscle relief.

£50 | 60 minute treatment

Benefits Of A Hot & Cold Stone Massage


Hot stones: Promotes deep relaxation, improves blood circulation and energy flow, reduces stress and tension, increases flexibility in the joints, aids in mobility and movement, relaxes muscles

Cold stones: Decreases swelling and inflammation, calms muscle spasms, relieves headaches, isolates pain, promotes healing for sprains and strains, decreases oedema, increases muscle tone

Best Treatment For


Individuals dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), tired and aching muscles from exercise, circulatory problems

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