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Ear Candling

Melt Away

What is Ear Candling?

Cleanse your energy and alleviate symptoms associated with the ear, nose and throat using this ancient therapy. Candles made of linen, honey and herbs are used to stimulate the ears and facilitate the removal of excess wax and impurities, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and clear headed. 


Also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy.

£30 | 45 minute treatment

Benefits of Ear Candling

Softens ear wax, eliminates impurities in the ear, nose and throat, relieves pressure and pain in the ear cause by flying, eliminates sinus congestion, relieves cold and flu symptoms, improves snoring and other sleep issues, reduces stress and anxiety

Best Treatment For

Individuals with poor hearing, recent flyers, jet setters, individuals with sinus congestion or snoring problems, anxiety, stress

Add-on treatments are available to any Complementary Health Therapy. Please browse our treatment menu for the full selection, or request more information during your free consultation or next visit.


Ear Candling

After trying ear candling to remove stubborn wax I would recommend this treatment. It is a very relaxing and painless procedure carried out in a well equipped modern and pleasant surrounding by Kerry. The outcome was successful.


 – Carole Hemsil

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling, also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, uses candles made of linen, honey and herbs are used to create a low-suction force that stimulates the ears and facilitates the removal of excess wax and impurities. This ancient treatment also cleanses and purifies your body’s energy, which leaves you feeling relaxed and clear headed.

What happens during an Ear Candling treatment?

Before beginning the treatment, a full consultation will be taken to ensure a truly bespoke experience. During the Ear Candling treatment, you will lay down on your side with your head supported on a pillow and your body covered with a soft blanket, as soothing music of distant shores plays in the background. Your Fourward Health professional will place a hollow, Ear Candle into your ear, which may contain some of the following:

  • Chamomile – Anti-inflammatory
  • Sage – Stimulates the lymph and increases circulation
  • St. John’s Wort – Restorative for the nervous system.
As the candle is lit, it creates a gentle suction that softens and draws the wax and impurities up from the ear. You may hear a fire crackling sound and some gentle popping as rising air gently massages the eardrum to help regulate ear pressure. Finally, the treatment concludes with a light Facial Massage to help drain away any sinus congestion.

Does Ear Candling hurt?

As Ear Candling uses a gentle suction from the lighting of the Ear Candle, you should not experience any discomfort or pain. At any time, you can ask your Fourward Health professional to stop the treatment.

What should I wear?

During this Ear Candling treatment, you will remain clothed throughout. However, your Fourward Health professional may ask you to remove your earrings or glasses.

What products do you use?

Fourward Health partners exclusively with local businesses in the Devon region to ensure a truly luxurious, aromatic experience. To learn more about our local partners, please visit our About page here. Aftercare advice will be given at the end of your treatment.