Japanese Hand Massage

Hand in Hand

What a Japanese hand Massage involve?

A wonderfully calming and uplifting Massage both stimulating and refreshing.

Using techniques taken from Shiatsu and Reflexology these movements involve stretching and acupressure leaving your arms and hands feeling light and free from tension.

Who’s it for?


For many of us receiving a hand massage can seem like a luxury only reserved for special occasions.

However, those who have pain (including pain associated with arthritis) receiving this treatment can be very beneficial. 

Given regularly it has been proven to decrease anxiety, improve strength and reduce pain.

Key Benefits:


Arm, Hand Pain, relaxation, incresed circulation, helps depression, sleep, pain and stiffness, tension, RSI and Carpel tunnel Syndrome.

Why You’ll love it.


This is the perfect gift for yourself to experience on its own or accompanied with Reflexology or a Fourward Health Head Massage.

An anytime, anywhere therapy that lifts your mood, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

£20.00.   30 minute treatment 

Can be used alongside other treatments for an extra special treat.



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